image of editing social media landing site
Video Editor Landing Page

My goal with the Video Editor Landing Page was to redo my freelance video editing website to make my personal brand and myself front and center. Clients today want to work with real people, not corporate entities.

I also designed the site so that it didn't need a lot of maintenance to update whenever I had new content. To do that, I link to my portfolio page on and my social media channels if people want to learn how I work. I decided to use Instagram and Twitter to give people a behind the scenes look at my productions.

I used CSS Grid and Flexbox to ensure the website reformats the content responsively. For example, the background image is different for mobile and desktop screens. The social media icons lay out horizontally on wider displays, but on smaller screens are arranged vertically using Flexbox within Media Queries.

Lastly, I produced the photography for the two different background images.

image of editing social media landing site